Rothwell Simplex, Rialto & Headspace Upgrades

If you are the proud owner of one of the above products we now offer an in-house upgrade in the form of high quality Nichicon 'Fine Gold' capacitors and a much larger power supply weighing in at heavy 1.3lb. The end result is more of everything, bigger sound stage, more powerful bass, smoother highs and a more 'see through' midrange. This is a Britaudio upgrade not a factory one! Simply just ship your unit to us and work is completed within 2 business days and promptly shipped back via insured USPS priority mail (US only). $199.

Incognito/Cardas Short Rega Rewire Kit

​This custom made Cardas rewire cable features a continuous cable run from cartridge tags to female RCA/phono plugs of Cardas 33awg multi-strand litz wire. This style with a 6 inch lead out cable allows you to plug in any interconnect of your choice. Complete with Cardas gold plated cartridge tags, Cardas solder, shrink tubing and instructions.$179.

Cardas Headshell Leads
We custom make these using OFC Cardas 33 awg litz wire, Cardas PCC EG gold plated brass cartridge tags and Cardas Quad Eutectic solder. These are standard length of 5 cm, tip to tip however, we can make other lengths on request at no additional charge. Set of 4 leads
 $49.Free shipping in US.

Cardas Phono Box CPIB

Hard wire your tonearm directly into this high quality phono box from Cardas, mount on rear or underside of your turntable then use cables of your choice to your phono stage or preamp. Some assembly is required. $149.

​Cardas Phono Box CPTB ST With Cable/Plug

Supplied with a straight mini din plug and 10 inches of high quality Cardas cable. This should be mounted on the rear or the underside of your turntable then you can use cables of your choice to connect to your phono stage or preamp.$199.

Rothwell Attenuators (pair) Available -10dB, -15dB & -20dB
Strictly speaking, an attenuator rather that a connector, the Rothwell device addresses the problem of excess gain that is present in many systems, a problem whose main symptom is particularly easy to spot, a lack of fine volume control at low levels with channel inbalance and veiled and indistinct sound quality when the volume control is used at lower settings. Rothwell attenuators take the form of a female to male RCA (Phono) plug/socket assembly, containing a 10dB attenuator circuit. Plug the attenuators into any pair of amplifier input sockets, and connect the source components to the attenuators, no wiring or circuitry mods, a simple 'Plug and go' installation. The result shifts the main area of influence of the volume control further along the scale, taking low level settings away from the problematic extremes of the potentiometer, spreading the control at normal listening levels over a much wider mechanical scale. 
Sold Out.

Rothwell Attenuators in balanced XLR -10dB & -20dB (pair)

Similar to above but in balanced XLR version. Sold Out.

Replacement Headshells

SME type replacement headshell which fit a wide range of tonearms

available in either black or silver finish. Complete with headshell

wires $39.