Tonearm Rewire Service

Now you can have your favourite Rega, OL, Moth, J.A.Michell OEM Rega tonearm professionally internally rewired with high quality Cardas Pure Copper Litz tone arm wire, Cardas solid Brass Gold plated cartridge clips and using the highest quality Cardas solder for Only $159. This super low price includes return shipping of your tonearm within USA. Expensive arms may require additional fees for increased insurance costs.

This service does NOT include replacing the cable from the base of the arm to RCA plugs. 

If like me you prefer to spin your vinyl instead of CDs we strive to complete your rewire within 2 business days!

On Rega based arms we can also replace the base plug with a high quality Cardas mini din plug thus allowing you to use any plug in external cable of your choice. This only costs 
$29 if done at the same time as rewire. 

Other non Rega/OE Rega tonearms can be rewired from
 $199 such as SME, Clearaudio, Black Widow, Kuzma, Linn Ittok, Music Hall, Project, VPI, Well Tempered etc. Call or email for price on your favorite tonearm.