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                 Tonearm Rewire Service

Now you can have your favourite Rega, OL, Moth, J.A.Michell OEM Rega tonearm professionally internally rewired with high quality Cardas Pure Copper Litz tone arm wire, Cardas solid Brass Gold plated cartridge clips and using the highest quality Cardas solder for Only $179. This super low price includes return shipping of your tonearm within USA. Expensive arms may require additional fees for increased insurance costs.

This service does NOT include replacing the cable from the base of the arm to RCA plugs. 

If like me you prefer to spin your vinyl instead of CDs we strive to complete your rewire within 2 business days!

On Rega based arms we can also replace the base plug with a high quality Cardas mini din plug thus allowing you to use any plug in external cable of your choice. This only costs 
$29 if done at the same time as the rewire. 

Other non Rega/OEM Rega tonearms can be rewired from
 $229 such as SME, Clearaudio, Black Widow, Kuzma, Linn Ittok, Music Hall, Project, VPI, Well Tempered etc. Call or email for price on your favorite tonearm.

For a full rewire with our exclusive Incognito rewire kit using Cardas wire go to our Incognito Kits page.

See what some of our satisfied customers                              had to say.

Thank you again for doing the tonearm for me. Great to know that there is someone very competent to do a job like this.  With appreciation. Dick

Love the service and will always recommend as this is my second rewire the other was an older arm off the p3 and its still going again thanks, Gary.

 WOW! Great upgrade, thank you for outstanding service as well! Bob

Just dropping you a line to let you know I am thoroughly enjoying my Rega 250 tonearm rewire. Dennis.

I wanted to thank you for your quick, expert repair of my botched tonearm rewire.
I have reinstalled it and it never sounded better. David.

Happy New Year Michael! Just wanted to let you know that I'm still enjoying the RB300/Incognito rewire project you did for me last March. My Planar 3 sounds super, and has been absolutely trouble free. Thanks again for the great work! Phil.

I just wanted to let you know that I received the Cardas rewire kit and the Michell stub/counterweight.
The difference is nothing less than stunning.
Truly super arm territory.
I have had to completely rethink and reset my standards.
The whole audiophile industry that was created by TAS and Stereophile is simply a battlecry for “Spend more!”
I rebuilt one of my LP12s with the RB250 with the mods I bought from you (and a Michell VTA adjuster), Cirkus bearing, Hercules PS, and, the only other mod being a Tiger Paw Tranquility. I put a Linn Adikt cart on that a friend gave me (I have nice friends).
Truly mind blowing.
I can honestly say that it is more enjoyable that the LP12 I had tricked out with Kore, Mober DC supply, Tranquility, Origin Live Zephyr and a Kiseki Purple Heart.
Throwing money at something only guarantees a depleted bank account.
Thanks so much!

Sounds perfect, thank so much. Also thanks for fixing the lock bar! Chris.

I spent 6-7 hours listening to Incognito rewired arm and I can say it’s definitely an improvement over the Rega wires.  In fact, it’s so good that I feel sorry I haven’t done it long time ago.  Highly recommended for anybody using Rega arms.  Thank you Michael. Slobodan.

 The tonearm arrived safely and works like a charm. No more static crackling or buzzing. It’s like I have a new record player! 

I sincerely appreciate the speed and professionalism at which you provided the service. I would definitely use your service again and recommend you to anyone I know who might require a similar service. Tim.

Michael--the tonearm arrived yesterday safe and sound.  The quality of the work is fantastic and the sound quality improvement was immediately noticeable.  While I'm still getting some hum from the TT, the new grounding probably reduced it by about 90%.  I am very, very satisfied.  I'll happily recommend your services to anyone needing work done on their tonearms and will be in touch if I need anything else. Jake.

Michael, tonearm arrived today, sounds wonderful on the WOW XL with the Hana SL.  Super job with the rewire - I very much appreciate your skills and turning it around so quickly.
Thank you so much! George.

My tonearm sounds so much better!!! Thank you for the super fast service too! I definitely will let people out here know about your service. Have a nice day. Michael.

Set up my Rega this morning and spinning the inaugural record with the new Cardas wire and counter weight.  Sounds great. What I am noticing most (at least what I think I am hearing) is a fuller bass and more control of the same.
Thanks for taking care of my P5. Keith.

Wow!  now this upgrade is a definite improvement over upgrades I’ve tried in other aspects of my vinyl system.  The 'stock' wiring always produced a hum and was never truly transparent/detailed. All this is gone replaced by a reality I’ve not heard before.  Thank you Michael!  Ed

Just received my rb300 and got it reinstalled on my deck and it sounds fantastic. I appreciate the work especially on a holiday weekend. Sam.

Happy New Year Michael! Just wanted to let you know that I'm still enjoying the RB300/Incognito rewire project you did for me last March. My Planar 3 sounds super, and has been absolutely trouble free. Thanks again for the great work! Phil.

I can't believe how fast your service is. I shipped it to you on Saturday and it is already back and in service Thursday night. I need to know what else you do, so I can use you again.
Just for grins, I started out with my Ortofon MC20 that I bought with my first new turntable back in 1979.  That's right, 36 years ago. I haven't even auditioned it in 20 years, because setting up cartridges is such a pain. At least with my trusty WallyTractor, I have some confidence it is set up right. So its never been played through a quality phono preamp like my current one, a Graham Slee Reflex C. I am stunned at how good it sounds. It probably needs to be broken in all over again, as I assume the new wire needs to be as well.
Eventually, I'll replace it with my Dynavector 20xl with the Soundsmith ruby cantilever.  But for now, all is well and the sound is good.
Thanks for getting me back in the groove so quickly. Gary.

 I just wanted to say thank you again for the re-wire you did to my SME. I have not had the time to fully run it through the paces, but I am very happy with the arm so far. I am very pleased with the clarity and sound of the cartridge now that it can fill the entire soundstage. I will keep your name on file if I ever need more work done. Very reasonable price for a job I did not want to try myself. Steve.

I was not expecting you to repair the arm so quickly, especially being the weekend and so close to Christmas. I also remember when I purchased the arm you went above and beyond to give me awesome service. This is how customer service is done! Is there anywhere I can leave feedback about your exceptional service? Your website perhaps? Thanks again, you are the best! Bruce.

A friend of mine just had you re-wire his Project arm with your Incognito kit. I am very familiar with the sound of his system. Today, when I heard the difference your Incognito arm re-wire made in the sound of his system, I had to pick my jaw up off the floor. Soundstaging, low level detail, spectral balance, the attack and die away of individual notes (sometimes referred to as "the harmonic envelope") etc., etc., were improved beyond all recognition. Wonderful! Rod.

Thank you for rewiring my Rega RB600 arm. Your workmanship is most impressive and the quality of sound with my Ortofon Kontrapunkt A  is gorgeous. I am so pleased with this result !  I have ~4000 LPs which will become newly discovered treasure. Ronald.

Hi Michael. Just e-mailing to thank you for the wonderful job you did on the Well Tempered Reference tonearm. It sounds spectacular! Continued success to you. Best regards, Ed 

 I just wanted to let you know that I installed my tone arm last Friday, mounted my Shelter 501, and listened to vinyl for about 3 hours that night/Saturday morning (much to my wife's and second daughter's chagrin).  I was listening to some really old records in my collection (I'd say 30 to 35 years old), plus some new 180 gram pressings (Eagles, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd).
I cannot begin to express how pleased I am with the Cardas upgrade.  It more than put new life into my vinyl listening.  It brought out such detail and so much more in the way of music than I've ever heard before.  While I thought I had a pretty decent/high end system with the P7 and my Benz Glider, I've never obtained this much information from my albums. 
So, thanks for getting the upgrade done so quickly.  I know that I will have many, many, many more listening sessions like I did the other night. Brian.