Incognito Rewire Kits

High quality Cardas wire rewire kits available for Rega (not RB200) and all OEM Rega tonearms such as Moth, OL, NAD, J.A.Michell etc $229, standard length is 1.1 Metre (45 inches) and fitted with male RCA plugs. We also now have a short kit with a 6 inch external cable fitted with female RCA plugs allowing you to plug in any interconnect of your choice for only $169. For newer SME, Linn and other arms with a mini din plug in the base kits are from $289. Custom lengths are available upon request and professional installation is available for $89 for Rega based arms and from $99 for others plus shipping. We strive to complete your installation within 2 business days!

A one piece, cartridge clip to Phono/RCA plugs tonearm cable specifically designed for all forms of Rega based arms.
The Incognito cable features a continuous cable run from cartridge tags to Phono/RCA plug.

The heart of the assembly is a gold plated aluminium slug, situated at the base of the arm pillar, to which all earths are connected, grounding the various components of the arm assembly leading to a single external ground wire. The
external section of the cable is run through a Faraday cage assembly inside which, protected by a spiral polythene tube, run the left and right channel signal leads. The signal leads are therefore shielded, but held at a fixed distance from the screen. The signal wires are Cardas Pure Copper Litz tone arm wire, connected to non-magnetic gold plated RCA/Phono connectors and high quality Cardas gold plated on solid brass headshell tags.

“The Incognito re-wire kit lifts the Rega’s performance to undreamed of levels. It cures the lumpy, tucked under bass, and it cures the splashy treble and mid-prominent balance. But then I always figured that you’d get the hi-fi benefits. What I wasn’t ready for was the level of musical improvement.”

“for anyone using an RB300 (or even 600 or 900) arm, the Incognito kit should be placed right at the top of your wants list. If you are using it as a stop gap on an expensive deck, then it advances to the status of immediate purchase,”

“If the Rega arm was one of the bargains of a century now gone, then the Incognito re-wire kit dusts it off and sets it up for the one that’s just arrived.”

Roy Gregory Hi-Fi Plus.